• Pastor Robbie Preaching
    Five loaves. Two Fish. One Jesus. Whatever you have, no matter how small or insufficient it seems, bring it to Jesus. If you have Him, you have everything you need. Watch the whole sermon on our HopeTV Live app.
  • Free Indeed Registration 2022
    February is coming! God willing, this year will bring a return of our annual men’s conference, Free Indeed! But who cares? What’s the point? Why all the hype? For me, the vision is this: God is seeking men, single or married, who are after His heart, resemble what the Bible describes as godly men, and are worth following as they imitate Christ. He seeks married men who are known by the way they love their
  • Pastor Nathan Preaching
    No matter where we are or what we’re going through, Jesus is always our answer! If you missed Sunday’s service, the whole thing is up on our Hope TV Live app.
  • Pastor Earl Preaching
    Jesus is more than just a miracle worker–He is our Saviour! If you feel like your relationship with Jesus is mostly about what He can give you lately, not about who He is, then last Sunday’s message is for you. Listen and be encouraged today on our Hope TV Live app.
  • Pastor Craig Preaching
    The Lord’s Supper is all about Jesus, and last Sunday Pastor Craig explained how we see this throughout Scripture–not just in the gospel accounts alone. If you want a heart of worship as you take communion, don’t miss this message! You can catch the whole thing on our Hope TV Live app.
  • Pastor Robbie Preaching
    When Pastor Robbie asked anyone to stand up who needs to be baptized, did your legs turn to jelly? We totally get it, and we still want to talk to you about how you can take this next step. Fill out the Online Connection Card letting us know you’d like to be baptized, and we’ll be in touch. We’re excited to talk with you!
  • The Church
    We often say that Jesus changed everything, but have you stopped to consider all that He’s done through His Church throughout the generations? We are a part of that Church, and He’s not done yet! The details of this video are based on the research of John S. Dickerson in his book Jesus Skeptic, which we highly recommend.
  • Pastor Greg Preaching
    What does it look like to truly follow Jesus Christ? We describe the answer to that question with a model of discipleship for our church called the 5G Life. Here’s Pastor Greg explaining the foundation of that model–time spent with Him (God Time)! Watch the full sermon on the Hope TV Live app or visit HopeOakville.ca to learn more about the 5G Life.
  • Pastor Robbie Preaching
    One of the four pillars of our church is “Proclaiming the authority of God’s Word without apology (2 Tim. 4:2).” Hear from Pastor Robbie why this is so foundational not just for Hope Oakville but also for the global Church.
  • Preaching Image
    Hey church! Check out this Moments of Truth, which has been translated into Arabic. Please, pray with us about the possibility of this becoming an ongoing project within our ministry for Moments of Truth. And be sure to share with any Arabic-speaking friends and family!
  • Pastor Robbie preaching
    Belonging to a local body of believers through church membership is so much more than a club. It brings accountability, care, and growth in Christ! Learn more by watching Sunday’s sermon on our Hope TV Live app. If you’d like to become a member at Hope Oakville, we have everything you need on our website!
  • Pastor Robbie Preaching
    Have you ever heard a sermon on elders before? The Bible has a lot to say about who leads in the Church, and Sunday’s message is a great unpacking of one passage. As we start our week, let’s remember to pray for our elders!