Final Post from Haiti

Going down to Haiti with 12 faithful (slightly anxious) men not knowing what to expect from this endeavour had me feeling ‎a bit nervous. All I knew about Haiti was extreme poverty, and a high content of voodoo worship and practice. I didn’t really even have a great understanding of OMS or Galcom for that matter.

What we were about to discover was truly remarkable….

Day one, climbing up that mountain for three hrs was truly an exercise of faith, fully dependent on God in prayer. It was gruelling to say the least and we were worried a bit about injury, and/or dehydration. God sustained us and prepared us to receive the greatest blessing once we reached the top. We experienced God and His power and presence in that service! The Holy Spirit was active and joy was all around us. We realized the God is at work in even the most remote places on the planet. WOW.IMG_0340

All week we enjoyed God’s goodness more and more each day. Being out in the villages evangelizing was a true treasure for us all. I couldn’t believe the unbelievable poverty that many Haitians live in. The only hope they have is faith in Jesus. Watching people accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour was a blessing that words can’t describe. From small children, to the sick and elderly, people under demonic oppression, people wanted and needed Christ urgently. The sharing of the stories each night from the groups was very dramatic and encouraging. There was such joy in doing this work, I did not want to leave. I have been praying day and night for God’s direction for me and my family as I have been stirred deep inside my heart for this land. I actually have pleaded with God to let me know if He has a life for us here in ministry. I love the place that much!IMG_0338

Spending time with the men here has been such a blessing as well. We got to know each other with transparency and brokenness, knowing that we are nothing without the love of Jesus. I really enjoyed sharing each meal and praying together. There was a sense of togetherness that is really rare while all eyes affixed on our Saviour. I am so grateful for the Godly relationships that were established this week.

The challenge is to bring this passion home to our communities. There were zero distractions, all Jesus this week and it won’t be like that next week. ‎We need to cling to the word of God and prayer to remain changed men. I personally will be praying with my wife about if we will be called to a future in the mission field.

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to your beauty and power. Thank you for showering me with your grace and mercy this week and every week. Thank you for bringing me to Haiti with my brothers to see you at work changing lives and for the privilege of being used in this work. Please bless my brothers for their efforts in Haiti and let us be changed men forever on fire for you‎ and your gospel!