First Full Day in Costa Rica

We awoke to a quiet sunny morning in our small compound of Casa Marta. It’s a unique B&B situated in Palmores inside a fenced compound. The yard and pool area is typical of southern climate countries with beautiful palm trees and flowers, colourful humming birds, and a derelict army truck and industrial tow motor. In the morning we have pray and have devotions with the boys on the outside patio, then breakfast in the open air dining room with the team and off to church for 10am.

The greatest part of the gift of travelling far away to a different culture with a foreign language is the ability to join in worship of Jesus Christ. He is the same all over the world. We prayed (fervently is an understatement), we worshiped, were taught from God’s Word, and made new friends. And it’s only noon on day one.

Lunch was at a local restaurant with the Costa Rican’s. It’s so nice to be with the National Leadership Team from Samaritan’s Purse and to be with all of the locals. Ingrained as best we can (19 Canadians) in a matter of hours. Next comes our first shoe box distribution.

Let me describe this as best as I can. 60 Children and their parents were invited to a special church party for kids as an outreach. They don’t yet know about the shoe boxes. On arrival the ladies from our team painted the girls fingernails and face painted different designs. The men lost in a friendly football match (Canadian soccer), and played a bit of frisbee. Then we gathered them all in neat lines according to age and gender. We sang them songs and gave a specific child-friendly version of the gospel from our Costa Rican leadership team. Finally, we handed out shoe boxes to all the kids! They dug into their gifts beaming in smiles at the presents given to them. They compared shoe boxes with friends, played with toys, ate candy, shared joy, and hugged our team. Pray this will be the start of a true relationship with our Saviour. 

And as we gather right now at 8 pm in Casa Marta, we are sharing some glory stories, wrapping up as a team and preparing for day two.

“Then Joshua said to the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.'” Joshua 3:5

-Nic Gabura

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