Galcom Men’s Ministry Team Update 2

Tuesday morning after breakfast our team of 11 along with the guides and translators loaded into the truck, after close to three hours on the road we found ourselves at a church in a remote village of Haiti.

We met with the pastor of that church who had a group of the congregation there to greet us and pray for us as we walked through the village to be obedient to God’s will.

We divided into three small groups and had a chance to share our testimony, teach the gospel, pray for them, and leave them the word of God in the form of a radio. These radios are tuned to 4VEH, the local Christian radio station and have a full recorded translation of the Old and New Testaments in the Haitian Creole.

For almost all the people we talked to, this will be their only opportunity to experience God’s word apart from those who do attend church on Sunday. The most encouraging thing for many of us was several of the Haitians common prayer request—to have the strength to follow Jesus.

God is certainly at work in Haiti and in the people. This was our first time on mission for God and living out the great commission for several in our group. On the way back, a sense of peace was felt by recognizing the obedience to God’s word in our response to Go Time.

Devotion that night was based on this truth from Galatians, that salvation is not based on works, but by grace through faith in our Saviour, Jesus Christ.