Galcom Men’s Ministry Team Update 3

Today we headed out to a small village not far from the Dominican border. All of us were very exited to engage the Haitian people again. Although the transportation broke down and delayed our trip to Dumas, it certainly did not dampen our spirits.

After about a two hour drive we arrived to work with believers from a local church, going house to house sharing our testimonies and handing out the solar powered fixed tuned radio Bibles.

I kept thinking about the explosive power of the good news, and realized we were not leaving behind an ordinary electronic device. Rather, the impact of being able to hear the word of God everyday when you can’t read is huge!

Believing that His word is living and active, there will be a harvest long after we have left.

We made a plea with one man who wanted to take time to think about what we had said. Pleading with him, we asked him to listen to the Bible every day, asking God to reveal himself to him, not waiting too long to realize that today is the day of salvation.

“Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Hebrews 4:7b

We’re praying for this man, knowing that our meeting was not an accident.