Galcom Men’s Ministry Trip Day 1

We left our compound at 6:10am to get to church for 10 this morning. We drove for about an hour and then climbed a mountain for close to three hours. The pastors climb this mountain every Sunday to lead the small church at the top comprised of the local people who live on the mountain.

The climb was the most gruelling thing we guys have done in a long time but the Lord gave us strength, as He wanted us worshiping with His people there. It was amazing! Pastor Grant Hutchison preached a message on Jeremiah 17:5-8 and encouraged the congregation to alway trust in the Lord no matter what their circumstance.IMG_0175

We are partnering with Galcom on this trip, and the evidence of their radio ministry was seen in the responses of a number the church members raising their hands to acknowledge that they have received the radios in the past. This church plant was established as a direct result of radio distribution through the mother church at the base of the mountain.IMG_0178 (1)

Tomorrow our team will be heading out with local pastors and interpreters on our first distribution of the radios. We will have opportunities to share our testimonies, share the gospel, pray, and encourage those we encounter to surrender their live to Jesus. The local pastors will be involved in the follow up of all the people who receive the radios. Each radio is tuned to the local Christian radio station and also contains an audio New Testament. Please pray for great and glorious fruit for the glory of God, He is at work in Haiti!