Haiti Deaf Mission Team: Update 1

Our Haiti Deaf Mission Team met at the airport at 3am on Wednesday, and we were so excited! All the planning, all the praying, and all the fundraising was finally all coming together, and we knew it was all possible only because of the Lord’s blessing. Our flight to Haiti went smoothly, and when we arrived we were met by a very welcoming Mission of Hope team. After we had our supper and a time of orientation, the team spent time together sharing a testimony and prayer before heading to our rooms for an early night’s sleep.

Early Thursday morning we got up for breakfast and after stopping a bakery that is being used to spread the gospel and employ Haitians, we headed into the Deaf village of Leveque. In Leveque, the Lord gave us the privilege of serving Him by helping to plant seven trees. The Deaf were so happy and thankful to God for His gift. We had the opportunity to pray for each person, asking if there was anything we could pray for. Jobs and health were always at the top of the list, and of course we prayed that the trees would grow healthy and strong. It was also encouraging that so many of the Deaf we met are looking forward to meet us in Deaf church on Sunday. In the afternoon the Lord used us to pass out solar lights to the Deaf so they can see at night. They were so excited. The whole team feels blessed to be here. If the rest of the mission trip is anything like Thursday, we’re in for one incredibly blessed week.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. God has heard them and is answering. Pray with us that God would give the miracle of changed hearts. He sent us to go and make disciples, and we would be so blessed if He would bless us by seeing many of the Deaf become our brothers and sisters in Christ.

All for His glory!

Harvest Deaf Mission Team