Haiti Deaf Mission Team: Update 2

Saturday was an amazing day! In the morning we headed to Leveque with the specific purpose of doing house-to-house evangelism in the Deaf community. We split into two groups, with a “village champion” (a Christian Deaf leader in the Deaf community there) leading us to specific houses. The Deaf in each of the homes we visited, invited us to sit down and talk. At each home we presented the gospel, and at two separate homes, one woman and one man expressed a desire to make Jesus their Saviour! At other homes they asked us to pray for rain…so we did. We were so excited when rain started pouring down after supper. God answered so quickly and it was a real testimony that absolutely showed, in an amazing way, that God answers prayer.

In the afternoon, God used us to pass out goats to a number of families. They were so excited. We were able to meet many new friends and see a lot of happy smiling faces.

Before heading to bed, every member of Harvest Haiti Deaf Team thanked the Lord in prayer. We feel so blessed to be used in serving Him…and we are in awe at how He is working among the Haitian Deaf.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Deaf church. Two members of the group will have a chance to speak to the church, and our whole group will be singing “Lord I Need You”. We are very excited. Please pray that we can establish a strong relationship with this Deaf church and with the Deaf of Leveque.

Not only is the Lord working through us, but He is also working in us. This is indeed a life changing experience. We have so much to be thankful for.

The Lord is good!