Harvest Market

The mission of the Harvest Market is to glorify God by loving people in deed and in truth (1 John 3:18).

Give to Harvest Market 

Although the Harvest Market is currently closed, we are delivering Boxes of Hope to those in our community who contact us. If you would like a Box of Hope, please fill out the I Need A Box of Hope form hopeoakville.ca/boxes-of-hope. You can also call the church office at 905-827-4888 and leave a voicemail with your name, address and phone number. One of our staff members will follow up with you about our next available delivery date.

Current Market Needs

Donating Items for Boxes of Hope:

Please see the items we are needing from the list below.

Monday to Friday 9 am - 4pm: Donations can be left on the cart outside of the main covered doors. (Except on statutory holidays)

Items We Are Out Of

  • cooking oil (1L or less)
  • pasta sauce (not in glass)
  • rice (1 kg or less)
  • laundry detergent (2 L or less)
  • dish soap
  • instant coffee (100 g jar)
  • jam (small jars)
  • flour (1 kg or less)
  • pudding mix
  • Jell-o jelly powder
  • canned chili
  • canned spaghetti
  • lotion (small)
  • Fruit to Go Bars

Items We Are Low On

  • toilet paper

  • toothbrushes

  • bars of soap

  • peanut butter (750g or less)

  • canned fruit (small)

  • tuna

  • soup

  • tea (100 bags or less per box)

  • microwave popcorn (individual packets, bulk sized box)

  • gluten free items

  • feminine hygiene products

Items We Are Getting Low On

  • toothpaste

  • Kraft dinner

  • crackers (not saltines)

  • instant oatmeal (individual packets bulk sized box)

  • Hamburger Helper

  • canned vegetables

  • canned beans

  • pasta (not lasagna)

  • cookies (individual snack size - bulk sized box)

  • granola bars (bulk sized box)

  • Rice Krispie squares

  • cookie mix

  • cake mix

  • muffin mix

  • pancake mix

  • pancake syrup


Join the Boxes of Hope Team

Through the generous support of our church family, we have been able to give out approximately 2,000 Boxes of Hope. What is even more exciting is that we have reached 100 new families with the message of HOPE in Jesus Christ (as of October 2020). Each box is packed with non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies and paper products from donations received in our community. We have also included some literature to help them know about this HOPE that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  

The Boxes of Hope Ministry is currently in need of volunteer drivers to help deliver boxes to our community. If this is something that you would like to be a part of, please fill out the form below indicating your availability. Masks will need to be worn during your shift and a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire will need to be filled out prior to your shift.  

Interested in Serving? Please let us know HERE.


Join the Shopping Team

We have a huge practical need in our area for groceries and practical household items. Because this need is ongoing and specific we have developed a list for our Harvest Market Shopping Team. This team of volunteers is sent an email once per month with an updated list of needs for our Market and when it would be most helpful for them to purchase the needed items and drop them off at the church for the Market.

Volunteers are generously giving of their time and finances on this team and we are so grateful for these people who are serving our greater community in a practical way. If you are interested in joining our Shopping Team e-blast complete the form below.

Please fill out this form to join our shopping team.