Grades 1-2 Kids Camp Electives

The following electives are what we plan to offer for the following ages, grades 1-2 (Born 2010-2011), and time slots. Please take note of which electives your child may be interested in to help speed your registration process. The registration process will require them to select one morning and one afternoon elective for the week. Please check back before registration night to ensure the choices haven’t changed. (Note: There are limited available registration spaces in each elective.)


Grades 1-2 (Born 2011-2012) AM & PM Electives

Art Attack
Love to let your creative juices flow? Then Art Attack is the elective for you! Campers in this elective participate in various art projects throughout the week, learning a new skill every day. Come explore your creative side as you learn to make works of art.

Canvas Painting 
In Canvas Painting, we explore the world of acrylic paint and canvas painting. Learn what it takes to be Monet, Van Gogh, or Picasso, and take home some amazing stuff!

If you love God, love being with friends, and love to sing, then join us in our kid’s choir! We’re going to have a blast as we sing with all of our hearts to the Lord along with learning actions to go along with it. Join us as we sing praises to our God!

Tea Party
Let’s have a Tea Party! As we prepare for a tea party, this elective will be a combination of crafts, jewellery making, and food. you will be ready to host your own Tea Party with everything you make by the end of the week.

In Lego, we won’t just build with lego, we will compete with it, create with it, and use it in ways that only the best master builders can imagine. Bring competitive minds as we line up our creations to find who is the biggest, strongest, fastest, and most impressive.

Stamping & Scrapbooking
Create 12×12 scrapbook layouts to keep photo memories of your family, friends, or pets using paints, inks tools or die cuts. Create cool birthday or thank-you cards using paper, stamps, and inks.

Stoked About Science
Have you ever been amazed by how awesome creation is? How our bodies work so well, how water can turn into ice and steam, how a bird can fly and a fish can swim, how we are able to build and create things, the magnificent wonder of the planets, stars and galaxies… God created them all! God holds the universe together with his great power, and he does it using SCIENCE! Come and be amazed by the God of creation as we think about the amazing things he has made. We’ll learn and do some fun experiments in different areas of science each day.

Field Sports
Join us in Field Sports this summer as we introduce you to the fundamental concepts and skills behind popular ball sports.

Games, Games, Games
Get moving and have fun participating in a variety of physical activities. Volleyball, badminton, tennis, Peteka, Rock-paper-scissors baseball, kick-baseball, modified Cricket, soccer-basketball, handball, ultimate frisbee, frisbee-golf, ultimate football, fitness and fun games, and more! Get your body moving! Get your mind thinking, and enjoy playing games, Games, and more games!

Road Hockey
Come play some good old-fashioned street hockey. Learn or improve your stick-handling, passing, shooting, and finish off the elective with playing on a team in a game scenario to put your skills to work. Do you know any NHL Hockey Heroes of Faith? Come find out who they are!

Duck, Dive, and Dodge because it’s time to play some Dodgeball! In this elective we will be playing different variations of exciting Dodgeball games so come prepared and get ready to work on your skills and have some fun!