Grades 3-5 Kids Camp Electives

The following electives are what we plan to offer for the following grades 3-5 (born 2008-2010), and time slots. Please take note of which electives your child may be interested in to help speed your registration process. The registration process will require them to select one morning and one afternoon elective for the week. Please check back before registration night to ensure the choices haven’t changed. (Note: There are limited available registration spaces in each elective.)


Grades 3-5 (Born 2008-2010): AM/PM Electives

If you love to keep busy, use your imagination and be creative, this year’s ArchKIDtecture elective might just be for you! In this class, we’ll learn the secrets to designing great buildings, we’ll create a whole lego city together and build a geodesic dome. Also back by popular demand is our bridge building competition! Hope to see you there… 

Sparkle and Slime
If you like make goo, slime and ooze this elective is for you. We will experiment with different mediums and make a colourful, glittery, gooey mess.

My Own Bake Shop
Back for a second instalment!! At this elective will give each child an opportunity to come up with their own Name (Brand) for their own Bake Shop. They will design their own logo and have the opportunity to make create their own packaging for each of the fun baked good that they will also create and decorate in the class. Every day they will go home with yummy baked goods in a package they can say came from their own bake shop. EXCITING NEWS, we will be building on what we did last year, so if you are new, it will be so much fun, if you are returning because you can’t get enough of baking and branding, we have some new surprises in store for you this year. Those returning will need to bring their ‘A’ game as expectations will be higher. Remember you now have skills that you can develop for this year’s camp.

Bel Canto
Bel Canto means beautiful singing. We will be learning fun warm-ups, rounds, harmonies, new songs and some beautiful old hymns. No musical experience necessary, just a voice that is willing to join with others!

Taste & See 
Learn and try out some basic recipes as you prepare to become a Master Chef! Along with this year’s theme, campers will learn the basics and tastes of various types of food, styles and presentation.

Tees n’ Beads
Are your tee-shirts in need of a new splash of colour? Join us in whipping up playful pony-beaded fringed tees! This easy craft is sure to be a fun expression of your creative ability! (Tees provided)

Writer’s Workshop
Who’s ready to write? Using the incredible diversity of the Bible, with its variety of authors and writing styles, we’ll work together to write the next great adventure story!

Chess For All
Explore this wonderful game of many possibilities packed in a 64-square board with 32 chess pieces. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of the game, learn new strategies, tactics, thinking patterns and tricks that will help you enjoy the game of chess. With many fun exercises and games, you will expand your creativity, strategic thinking and imagination!

Come and learn the basics of the game. Skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, and don’t worry we will have plenty of game time to prove you’re the next Curry, Lebron, or Lowry!

Flag Football
Winning the SuperBowl takes a lot of hard work and practice. Campers in this elective will learn the basics of running, throwing, catching, and calling the plays of football. This one’s a touchdown!

You can’t grow a green thumb but you can certainly learn how to get one! Join us in this elective as we explore plants, flowers, potting, and the amazing design of God’s beautiful creation.

Welcome back, kids! This year soccer elective will introduce the man of the match trophy! Excited? Well then come join us and share your skills with us and learn what it will take your team and you to win in our mini- tournaments challenges during week camp.

Ultimate Frisbee
Do you have what it takes to be on the ultimate team? Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting, non-contact team sport, played by thousands the world over. It mixes the best features of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, American Football, and Netball into an elegantly simple yet fascinating and demanding game.

Woodworking Made Easy
Learn the basics of woodworking including design, measurement and use of common tools. Those who wish can experiment with more advanced skills like engraving and finishing techniques. Come away with a custom made project that makes this elective memorable.

Sphero Robotics Funlab
Inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding using the Sphero SPRK+ connected robot. Campers will gain some programming skills while they play with the Bluetooth controlled, interactive robots. They will make them roll, bounce, and jump through obstacle courses, race around a track and create artistic images with their robotic movements. Campers will be challenged to think creatively and stretch their mathematical and problem-solving skills as they work to solve their daily challenges. It is strongly recommended that Campers are strong in mathematics skills. Campers need to bring a Bluetooth enabled Apple or Android device preloaded with the SpheroEdu app and fully charged every day. The device can be stored in the classroom during the day.

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Watch Sphero Robots in action Here