How To Take Your Group Online

Our team is doing the best we can to make sure you have the next steps and applicable resources to successfully move your small group online during this season.

Let’s get started!

  1. Pick a platform

Video meeting:, Google Hangouts, Skype,  FaceTime, or Facebook Video Chat by Messenger

P.S. check out this video tutorial on how to get set up using zoom:

Audio only: Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or group phone call

  1. Encourage your people to watch the current Pastor’s Video 

Direct your people to the main Groups page to watch the 8-10 minute video before your group meets.

  1. Remember that online Groups look different
  • Welcome everyone when they arrive. People will be late online, just as your in-person group, so build in some buffer time to catch up at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Warm up the group by getting people to use the “mute” and “unmute” buttons. Ask an icebreaker question, then let everyone answer that question.
  • Discuss the main application from the Pastor’s Video.
  • Share prayer requests and be ready to pause on someone going through a tough season. Don’t rush through this time together online.
  • End the video meeting with prayer and/or worship.
  1. General tech tips for a smooth online small group

Have the primary light in your house shining onto your face (sunlight from a window or lamp) and not behind you. If the light is in the background your camera will struggle to display your face. Think about where is the best lighting location at the specific time your group meets and test the spot out.

Select the quietest place in your house (avoid turning your dishwasher or washer/dryer on right before group time).

Make sure the camera on your computer is angled correctly. Use a box nearby to elevate and level your camera or your laptop.

Login to your meeting software to change the default mic and camera (preferences or settings depending on the platform). Knowing how to adjust mic/camera will save you from awkward pauses and you can help other group members out as well.

Figure out how to use mute and unmute. The creator of the meeting can mute/unmute any participant, which is helpful to know upfront.

Recommend that group members download meeting software prior to the meeting and give it a test run. Most platforms have a mobile app or desktop software, which is easy to install but does take time depending on internet speeds.