Japan 2018 – Update 1

Our team arrived in Tokyo last Wednesday after nearly 22 hours of travel. The fatigue was quickly forgotten as I tried to grasp the sheer magnitude of this foreign place. The people! Everywhere we tried to step, there were people. What started as shock soon turned to slight annoyance as I tried to make my way through the crowd.

“Crowd” doesn’t seem to properly explain it. But as we made our way around the top of a government building, stopping at a window on every side to observe the vast city below, that annoyance morphed again into a better emotion: urgency.

Of the 127 million people in Japan, 1% claim Christian belief or affiliation. That statistic carries a lot more weight than it did before we arrived here. Even now as I sit on a train, that 1% is just too small.

And so we pray because we are 100% dependent on the Lord. Our team of five stood at the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and asked God to save the people of Japan, to help the 1% to persevere, and to use our ten days among them to bear eternal fruit.

Thank you for praying with us. We believe God is answering our prayers and continue to seek His will in Japan!