Romania Family Camp Update 1

We have arrived! After a delay getting out of Toronto, connecting with Eric and Daniel
(the Quebec church planters) in Paris and an airport ‘angel’ directing us through to our
connecting flight, we arrived in Braila, without any checked baggage, around supper time
on Saturday. Sunday morning service was enjoyed in the new building, and lunch was
served at various homes. The rest of the luggage arrived in the afternoon. It has been
good to connect with those we have enjoyed in past year.

Our journey to Motel Flora, the location for this year’s Discipleship Camp, was fairly
short and we enjoyed the beautiful mountain scenery and cooler temperatures this
afternoon. After a brief introduction tonight, we start the Growing Up model of H.E.A.R.
in our small groups tomorrow. Please pray that God’s word will impact the lives of our
Romanian brothers and sisters here at the camp to the same degree it has impacted us.
You are dearly loved.