Romania Family Camp Update 3


From the very first morning with our small groups, challenges surfaced as well as much praise.

God showed us some powerful things:

  • the heart of man is exactly the same everywhere in the world, and the need for the gospel and for the Word of God as the solution to our sin condition is universal
  •  He is as sovereign in Romania as he is in Canada
  • He doesn’t need us to change lives, but he loves to use jars of clay to manifest His glory

We saw a young adult that did not want to be here and wouldn’t share in small group time on Monday, but was being changed by the Lord to the point of being the first one to open up on Thursday and praying and expressing his desire to go back to church. None of us did that, God did. Even on the team here, God is at work changing our hearts, for which we praise Him.

Our God has worked in many ways here in Romania and there are solid, devoted pastors here that love the Lord with all their being, and are fully engaged in making disciples of Christ for the glory of God in Braila, Bucharest, Moldova, and elsewhere.

To be here reminds me of Revelation 5 and the fact that God is active right now in redeeming people from every nation. Please keep praying for the church in Romania, that God will continue to pour out His grace and that many more will discover and cherish our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the Glory of God.


The hunger that we found in many of the men here is so encouraging. Some began the week with that hunger to learn, grow and to encounter the living God. Others were not showing any signs of interest in what is going on at first, but as the week unfolded, we have seen the Spirit of God move mightily in their hearts and bring transformation. Praise God!

One of the men here is an ex-Orthodox priest who gave his life to Jesus Christ. It is such a joy to worship with this man who had the courage, in the last season of his life, to say : “I was wrong all my life. The truth is in the Bible and salvation is in Jesus Christ, by grace through faith ”

Eric Ricard & Dan Perree

Pasteurs Implanteur / Ancien