Romania Team 3: Update 3

As we pack our suitcases and prepare to leave, we are filled with joy at what God has accomplished in our hearts and in the hearts of our Romanian friends. As we studied God’s Word together, we recognize the war that rages inside each one of us because of our sinful desires. Instead of blaming others for our conflicts and problems, we are encouraged to examine our hearts and discover that the lust for acceptance, respect, recognition, security, and worldly pleasure causes much turmoil in our lives. This was the core of what we studied this week.

As the week progressed we saw a softening of hearts, conviction of sin, repentance, and a growing recognition of selfish desires that rule our hearts. Last night during our last sharing time, two people professed faith in Jesus Christ for the first time! The zeal and commitment of the leaders of Harvest Braila to present the Word of God was so encouraging to us.

We also learned that some of the Harvest Braila youth made friends with the young people working in the dining room at the camp who often were in earshot of us during the teaching time. They were able to share with them more about what we were learning and we provided booklets of the material and journals to five staff at the camp.

We thank the Lord for the strong friendships that were forged and we will miss the rich fellowship in Christ that we enjoyed!

Collin, Irene, Jamie, Arlene, Nic, Gia, Mario, Fraser & Judy

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