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A Word for the Church

The Church needs a Word today. The Church doesn't need a word from culture or from media or from man. What the Church needs is a Word straight from the mouth and wisdom of Jesus Christ. The seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation two and three are exactly that, a Word from Christ to us, the Church.

The letters in Revelation two and three are a prophetic message given by Jesus in the first century that apply just as powerfully in the 21st century. Each of these seven letters carry a specific theme and exhortation—we can gain the benefit and blessing of receiving truth from all of them. This is the power of Scripture at work!

Come this weekend and prepare your heart to receive a Word from God in His letters, from His book—a Word to your heart, a Word to your family, and most importantly a Word for the Church.

A Word for the letters to the seven churches in Revelation


A Letter to the Lukewarm

Robbie Symons | Revelation 3:14-22

A Letter to the Persevering

Robbie Symons | Revelation 3:7-13

A Letter to the Spiritually Dead

Robbie Symons | Revelation 3:1-6

A Letter to the Sexually Immoral

Robbie Symons | Revelation 2:18-29

A Letter to the Sort of Faithful

Robbie Symons | Revelation 2:12-17

A Letter to the Suffering

Robbie Symons | Revelation 2:8-11

A Letter to the Love-Lacking

Robbie Symons | Revelation 2:1-7