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Consider this incredible truth: 700 years before Jesus Christ walked with us, the prophet Isaiah predicted and promised not only His birth, but His life, His death, and His resurrection! Led by the Spirit of God, Isaiah was captured by the Anointed One, the One who would forever change the world through His life, through His power, through His love.

How amazing that these prophecies spoke of the single greatest person who ever lived: all that He touched, He changed. Every word He uttered was truth. And everything He did was perfection. This in short, should capture us, all of us! It’s time to put down our temporal, empty pursuits and come and be captured 

by the beauty and glory of the prophecies of the Messiah in Isaiah. Come and be 

captured by the greatest truth ever written.  Come and be captured by the glory of the 

One and only who can set you free to truly live.


Captured with Transformation

Robbie Symons | Isaiah 61:1-3

Captured by His Salvation

Robbie Symons | Isaiah 53:1-12

Captured by True Newness

Robbie Symons | Isaiah 42:1-9

Captured by His Power

Robbie Symons | Isaiah 11:1-9

Captured by the Hope of Glory

Robbie Symons | Isaiah 9:1-7