Sermon Archive for Getting to the Heart

Getting to the Heart

A quick glance into our world reveals a ton of various and often confusing priorities. Some will say that it’s in what we do where we truly find satisfaction. Others will say that it’s when we’re on vacation — when we’re not doing stuff — that we really find delight. Some point to the happiness found in the stuff that money can buy, while still others will tell us to find the joy of our lives in the people of this world.

The Bible presents us with a radically different and life-changing view of priorities. For it’s Jesus who promised us that he and he alone is the key to this abundant life, that we’re searching so hard to find. Indeed only through Him can we even hope to see things like true joy, true peace, and true purpose in this life.   

And if the answer to the question of priorities is found only in Jesus, then the answer to where the battleground for this is fought is in the heart. 


Not To Worry!

Craig Turnbull | Matthew 6:25-34

In Pursuit of Greatness

Craig Turnbull | Matthew 20:20-28

Forgiven Much

Karl Whittingstall | Luke 7:47