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God Speaks!

It was of Psalm 19 that C.S. Lewis said, "I take this to be the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world." Wow! He said this because it's Psalm 19 that speaks of how God speaks!  It's Psalm 19 that gloriously declares how God communicates with His creation. It's Psalm 19 that reveals how God has revealed His power, His love and His glory to us!

During this series we will see how...
God speaks through Creation (v.1-6)
God speaks through His Word (v.7-11)
God speaks through us (v.12-14)

So get ready to hear how God speaks! Now's the time to look for His voice, to listen for His voice, and to learn His voice! 


God Wants to Speak through Me

Robbie Symons | Psalm 19:12-14

God Speaks Through His Word

Robbie Symons | Psalm 19:7-11

God Speaks Through Creation

Robbie Symons | Psalm 19