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In God We Trust

There is no doubt we are living in unstable and turbulent times—values are eroding, our moral culture is deteriorating, and there is an increasing anti-Christ flavour surrounding us. With this being true we can turn off the news and shut our families in, pretending our world isn’t evil, or we can choose to see there has never been a better time to have all-out trust in our God. This is the time to recognize that our God holds no fear and therefore neither should we. 

This is why now is the time for a series in Psalm 31. It’s a call for great faith in the midst of turbulent times.

David wrote Psalm 31 as a declaration of his faith and trust  in his Lord in the midst of difficulty. In the middle of his trial, David especially trusted his God. It’s within these unique times that we have an opportunity to live by serious faith, not by sight.  This series is designed for us to say with tremendous faith, “I trust in you, O times are in your hand!”

Psalm 31 starts August 15/16. See you there!


Why Should I Trust God?

Robbie Symons | Psalm 31:19-24

Trust Within Trial

Robbie Symons | Psalm 31:9-18

The LORD is My Refuge

Robbie Symons | Psalm 31:1-8