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The Good Fight

The Good Fight takes us verse by verse through the book of 2 Timothy. Here we find Paul in a Roman prison awaiting his execution writing a farewell discourse to young Timothy unpacking what is required to fight the good fight of faith. 

2 Timothy is a very personal and passionate letter designed to alleviate Timothy's fear, strengthen his resolve in the gospel, and motivate him to serve the LORD with his very life. For the believer in Christ today, 2 Timothy is a pertinent and powerful exhortation to live with godly precision and eternal purpose, a call to persevere and hold on to the gospel at all costs. In a world that is increasing in hostility towards Christ, the call to fight the good fight is as fundamental as ever. 


Set Me Apart Lord!

Robbie Symons | 2 Timothy 2:20–21

Health Warning!

Robbie Symons | 2 Timothy 2:14–19

Who Needs Some Encouragement?

Robbie Symons | 2 Timothy 2:8–11

Unashamed and Undeterred

Robbie Symons | 2 Timothy 1:8–12

It’s Time to Stoke the Fire!

Robbie Symons | 2 Timothy 1:3–7

The Good Fight Begins!

Robbie Symons | 2 Timothy 1:1–2