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The Life that God Blesses

Everyone wants to be blessed, yet the majority search in vain. The “blessing” of the world will prove to be found wanting. However, you must know that true blessing IS possible. You can live a life that knows supernatural fulfillment and eternal joy. You CAN live a life that knows a happiness so deep it becomes untouchable to the outside world…it’s possible! It's possible only through the ways, wisdom, and power of Jesus Christ! 

This is the point of the Beatitudes in Matthew chapter five. Jesus powerfully articulates “the life that God blesses”! But be warned: It’s not the easy life, or the popular life, nor is it the comfortable life...BUT it is promised to be the “blessed” life.

Stop doubting, stop delaying and instead, be changed by the power of Jesus Christ, and join the few who can humbly, yet powerfully say, “I am truly blessed”. 


The Blessing of Persecution

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:10-12

The Blessed Life Means a Pure Heart

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:8

Merry Mercy

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:7

The Best Meal Ever!

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:6

Blessed are the Meek

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:5

Happy are the Unhappy

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:4

Let the Blessing Begin

Robbie Symons | Matthew 5:3