Sermon Archive for The Passion of Harvest

The Passion of Harvest

When it all comes down to it, this is what our church cares about most.  This is the bulls-eye we desire to hit, this is the centre we passionately pursue.  It only takes the slightest turn of the rudder to steer a ship completely off course . . . we can’t let that happen! This series is to declare, to redefine, what matters to us most.  

What’s our purpose?  What’s our goal?  What’s our mission?  What’s our vision?  What’s next for us as a Church? What you’ll find is that it’s nothing new, but that’s the whole point—God’s will, God’s Word…always!

This is the perfect time to see if you're with us as a church, to see if your passion is our passion, for the glory of God! There is no time to waste with side-shows and fruitless distractions in God’s house, it’s time again to align our passion with God’s passion.