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Evelyn Mantei

Location: Damour, Lebanon
Fundraising Target: $16,000/year
Term: September 2020
Departure: September 2018

In June 2017, Evelyn received a clear call from the Lord to serve in Lebanon. She made the move in October and began working at King’s Kids Educational Centre (KKEC), a centre that exists to share God’s love with Syrian refugees (ages 4-15) through care and education. She will now continue her work with KKEC, teaching English, art, music, and math. By doing this, she can freely share the Good News of Christ with the predominantly Muslim population of the school. Her heart is especially committed to teaching chapel every morning and working with the older girls at the school, most of whom are at risk of child marriage and/or abuse.

From Evelyn:

When God first opened my eyes to how trustworthy of a Father He is, and how committed to His children He is, I made a promise to whole-heartedly follow Him wherever He led. He exceeded my expectations completely.

Lebanon is a unique country, filled with incredible opportunity. There are around 1.5 million Syrian refugees, the majority of which come from an Islamic background. Because Lebanon is open to Christian beliefs, we are free to walk alongside these refugees and offer the love of Christ they’re desperately in need of. KKEC exists because there are still over 250,000 Syrian children in Lebanon, who do not have affordable/reasonable access to education. This way, we get the chance to meet their urgent spiritual and physical needs. Since King’s Kids opened, we have seen countless individuals come to Christ and with your help, we are believing for countless more.