Support Marty Umantez

Students and teacher 1

Marty Umantez

Location: Cap-Haitien, Haiti
Needs: Financial Support
Departure: 2019

We are excited to support Marty Umantez in his new ministry involved with Empower Global focused in Cap-Haitien, Haiti!

Marty is a retired carpentry teacher with a desire to set up a trade school through Empower Global in Haiti. He will be travelling between Toronto and Haiti, all the while empowering local Haitians to run the school, once set up. His needs are more financial based, as the need to support the school once built remain prevalent.

Working with Empower Global, the program uses an integrated approach wherein biblical principles are at the core of the skills being modelled and taught to the participants of this program. The specific goals of this ministry include sharing the gospel with those being trained, creating successful progress in instilling the skills of carpentry to those taking part of the program, and creating mentorship and discipleship opportunities with the locals of Cap-Haitien, Haiti.

You can read more about Marty and Empower Global's plan at the link below!