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      Henry & Carol Macharia

      Location: Membley, Kenya (Suburb of Nairobi)
      Fundraising Target: $50,000
      Church Launch Date: August 2018

      This is a unique opportunity to partner with Karura Community Chapel in Nairobi and as they send out Pastor Henry and his family to plant a Bible-teaching, Christ-exalting church in the suburbs of Nairobi. Harvest Oakville can partner with them in a couple of ways:

      1. They need to raise $50,000 in order to purchase a large tent which will be their worship and ministry centre. Because of the good climate in Kenya, it is quick, common, and cost-effective to do church in a tent. Karura Community Chapel and its 2,000+ members have met in a tent for over 20 years.
      2. Over the coming months, our desire is to send mission teams to join in the work at both Karura and Membley Chapel to pray, do work in the community and provide training. The desire is to give cross-cultural exposure to both Canada and Kenya while we partner together to build the Kingdom of God and plant healthy, growing churches!

      From Pastor Henry:

      For over five years now, God has been speaking to us about planting a church. In 2016, the call became stronger, clearer, and more urgent. With this call, the Lord also gave me a burden for planting a church that is based on sound preaching and teaching of God’s Word and intentional disciple-making.

      The church in Kenya and most of Africa has been characterized as one that is a mile wide and an inch deep. Someone has said, “Most Kenyans are excellent church goers but accomplished nonbelievers”. Kenya is one of the countries where the fiercest enemies share a church but don’t talk to each other, they leave church, continue fighting, and attend church together again the following Sunday. Intentional training and growing of disciples is uncommon. Being a Christ follower is made synonymous to being “born again” and going to church on Sunday.

      By the grace of God, we now have an opportunity to change this narrative. An opportunity to ignite a spark of life-giving truth that will turn this tide- in Kenya, and God willing, the rest of Africa through the Membley Church Plant.

      The Membley church plant will be located in Membley Park Estate in Ruiru. Membley is a fast-growing middle and upper-middle income suburb located 24km from the Nairobi city centre. The estate has a population of approximately 30,000 people, the 10-km radius however has more than 200,000 people. Individuals and families have relocated to the Membley Estate neighbourhood from all over the country thereby making the community quite heterogeneous with a representation of the various ethnic groups in Kenya.

      My humble prayer and request is for Harvest Oakville to:

      1. Help us in funding the cost of the tent worship centre.
      2. Pray for our church launch and ongoing ministry in the Membley neighbourhood.
      3. Partner with us on-mission to reach the local communities around the church and also the East Africa region with God’s word and His love.

      Let’s see what the Lord might do!

      Pastor Henry