Update 2 from Jacqueline Eboh

It has already been two weeks! That is amazing and I am excited to share all that the Lord is doing!

I have been in full training the last two weeks, it has been intense, emotional, and thought-provoking but such a reminder of God’s grace.

Last week I had the opportunity to learn more about the effects of human trafficking, and I got introduced to the amazing team who works with all the survivors day after day. I also got the opportunity to meet the survivors who are currently in the residence owned by REST.

As more time passes I get to sit under each teaching reminded about the grace of the Gospel, and how much it has to offer. REST was built on the foundation of Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Each survivor who has walked through the doors of REST have all said one common thing, that they are exhausted. We know that regardless of how many resources these women get, the only lasting rest they will find is in the arms of Jesus.

I am excited to continue to learn and to see the Lord work here in Seattle. I am slowly getting to know the women who are a part of the program at REST and look forward to gospel conversations with each of them. There came a swift reminder during training that I can’t do much, I cannot absorb the pain of these women, I cannot carry their burdens and I cannot save them, only Jesus can carry the burdens they have on their shoulders. I am both humbled and grateful to be an ambassador for Christ.

Please continue to pray:

1. Please pray that the Lord would soften the hearts of all the women coming in and out of REST’s doors, that they would be receptive to the gospel and surrounded by consistent conversations about Jesus.

2. Please pray for the strength of whole REST team, who have experienced spiritual, physical, and emotional burn out in the last year.

3. Finally, please pray for every woman around the world who is still trapped in human trafficking, please pray for spiritual and physical freedom from the chains that are currently holding them.

Thank you for being a partner with me in this season, I am looking forward to sharing all that the Lord has in store.

Finally! I have started a blog! For all those interested details of all that I am learning and my position at REST – You can click HERE for stories and more information. I look forward to posting and connecting in this way.

In Christ,