Update from Lucas Burton: the End is Near


Dear Friends and Family,

After an encouraging and busy month of May, my team and I have entered our final few weeks of ministry here in Copenhagen. In this update, I’m eager to tell you more about the visiting Canadian mission team that joined us last month as well share some encouraging developments in the local ministry.

As our time in Denmark nears its end, my team and I continue to covet your prayers.
Here are a few ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray that God would grant AgapeLiv favour as we seek official registration with the Danish government. Gaining this status as an organization will enable us to employ local Danes as interns and staff members of the ministry.
  • Pray for Olivia, one of our student leaders, who is graduating this year and senses the Lord calling her to spend next year as a full-time intern with the student ministry! Pray that God would raise up a group of people to make this internship possible through their prayer and financial support and that Olivia will be the first of many Danish staff members in AgapeLiv!
  • Pray for Justus, Sarah, and I as we have our final meetings with our Danish friends and prepare to return home. Pray the Spirit would give us discernment in how to use our remaining time in Copenhagen and that we would finish and leave well.

What’s Next for Lucas?

I’m eager to tell you more about what is in store for me as I return home in early July and will send you a video in a few weeks that will discuss my next steps in more detail. For now, I am glad to share that I will be returning home to Oakville and look forward to reconnecting with family, friends and my church community while entering into a new role with Power to Change.

More to come soon!

Yours in fulfilling the Great Commission,