Weekend with the Gallatys

Pastor Robby Gallaty is the senior pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee. As a family, the Gallaty’s have been dramatically changed by the Grace of God, and have a passion to see discipleship flourish within the local Church.

He and his wife Kandi will be here for the weekend of November 11 and 12 speaking at two separate events for men and women, Pastor Robby will also be preaching here in service that weekend. Whether you are looking to grow in discipleship personally, or would love some ideas as to how to start, or even to gain encouragement in keeping, these twin events are perfect for everyone.

  • The women will have a connection night with guest speaker Kandi Gallaty on Friday, November 10 here at the church.
  • The men will be meeting together Saturday morning, November 11 for breakfast at the Burlington convention centre.

Ticket sales have now closed for both events.