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January 12

What is the Hope Institute?

The Hope Institute exists to deepen the faith of followers of Jesus Christ and develop leaders for the church of Jesus Christ. There are currently three ways to be a part of Hope Institute: 1. By taking classes, 2. By attending seminars, or 3. By doing an internship or residency with us. So let’s talk about that first option: Classes. Our classes cover a variety of topics, and there are different levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Basic level classes will have very little work to do outside of the class, while you can expect the Advanced level classes to have a syllabus, assignments, and textbook reading.

Our next round of Hope Institute is starting this February! I encourage you to spend a few minutes browsing through our site to see what next step you could take. We have classes like Discipleship 101 (which teaches the basics of the Christian faith) Baptism (where you can learn about what we call Believer’s Baptism), Transforming Prayer, Evangelism 101, the list goes on! And be sure to take a look at Advanced classes like How to Study Your Bible and Basic Doctrine. As you look around the website, email any questions you have to hopeinstitute@hopeoakville.ca

Women's Study

Our Women’s Ministries are kicking off a new study this week—a study from Trillia Newbell, who just happens to be our Radiant 2020 speaker. The study is called “If God is for Us: The Everlasting Truth of Our Salvation” a walk through Romans 8 and goes from January 14 to March 3rd. Again, please register for either the morning or evening class on our website. Tuesday morning Women's Ministry study offers childcare for infants to age 5.

There is always a need for workers. If you are currently a Hope Kids volunteer, you already have everything you need to jump right in.  This is a volunteer opportunity or paid position. Please check out the women's ministry page and submit the form you'll find there to be a part of this team.

Prayer Team

We believe that we can do nothing without the power of the Holy Spirit, and there are MANY ways we can grow together in prayer. We have monthly prayer meetings, and we pray together in our services, but did you know that we have a Prayer Team? We have three aspects of our Prayer Team to tell you about, all of which you can jump into even today: Pre-Service Prayer, In-Service Prayer, and Intercessory Prayer. 

  • Pre-Service Prayer happens at 7:30am and 4pm in the Family Room. 
  • At In-Service Prayer we meet again in the Family Room to pray for our pastor and the church. 
  • And we have an Intercessory Prayer Team that meets every Monday afternoon here at Hope from 1-3. This group within our church consists of men and women who are just like you and me, and they believe in the power of prayer. They pray for people in our church, for ministries, for each other. You can sign up for this team on our website under serving opportunities.

Winter Retreat - Senior High

Every year we’ve been able to send hundreds of students from our church AND surrounding churches on a winter retreat. It's always one of the greatest gospel and growing opportunities for our youth ministry each year.

Our High School students are leaving this Friday, and we’re asking you to pray for the next week for these students. We’ve heard many testimonies from the baptism tank of how God used these retreats in the past to save students, so church, this is no small thing! Please pray over the next week for the retreat that happens next Friday through Sunday.