Senior High

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS 7:30 - 9:30pm

Who's invited? Grade 9 through Grade 12 in school (home-schoolers must be born prior to or in 2005, and begun the school year as a grade 9 to attend).

What time does it start?  When you get here at 7:30PM please come through the front doors and check in at our registration kiosks.

What do you do? Everyone hangs out for the first 10 minutes, then Senior Highs head into the Youth Worship centre for some great worship with our Youth Band followed by a time of teaching from God’s Word.

The messages are similar to the style preached on Sunday; they are straight out of the Bible and are taught in a way you can understand and apply to your own life.

After teaching, you head off to small groups. Your small group will be with other boys or girls in your grade. During small group, you discuss questions based on the evening's teaching, followed by accountability time and prayer.

The rest of the evening is spent hanging out in the youth room with your friends until your parents come in to pick you up at 9:30PM.

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