About Soul Care

Soul Care is a Ministry of the Word of God...

Soul Care is a Bible saturated Holy Spirit guided ministry of discipleship and care, involving conversations, counselling, groups, classes, seminars, and conferences. It is the practical application of God's Word in our daily lives through the power of the Holy Spirit.
The focus of Soul Care is walking alongside hurting people in community and fellowship, pointing to Jesus Christ, and teaching how to live a lifestyle of repentance, faith, and worship. Soul Care focuses on addressing the biblical heart. It offers a process for understanding how the heart works and steps that can be taken to heal it.
The Soul Care ministry offers an opportunity to be transparent and honest, and to be loved and prayed over.  If you are interested in meeting with someone from our team please connect with us HERE. If you are interested in one of our upcoming classes please visit our registration page HERE. 
Here is what others have said about Soul Care at Hope Bible Church:
"It is for everyone, not just for those who are going through a crisis. It's a place to grow in greater maturity in Christ, through the Gospel."
"When you are feeling lost and alone, and your wheels are spinning in rut of sin and discouragement, the Soul Care ministry is the helpful friend pulling you out of a rut and pointing you back to Christ - the only Way of love, grace, truth and joy."
"Soul Care seeks to come alongside people, both in their suffering and their journey in life, to encourage and equip them to live God glorifying lives for their good and God's glory." 
"Soul Care helps you to 'run the race in your own lane' with eyes on Jesus, laying aside weights and sins that entangle through repentance and renewal of the mind through the Word of God."

"Soul Care is Holy Spirit led and Word fed. A place where you will find sincere, compassionate, Bible based help and support. You will be loved and cared for. Be prepared to go deep-sea diving (spiritually speaking) to sincerely seek out the heart issues, bring them to the surface (repentance) and then experience the joy of discovery in the victory, freedom and worship that follows!" 
"Soul Care is the arm that lifts you up and walks with you towards Christ, the one who loves you most. It is help for the wounded and for those that wound. It is for the broken and the proud. All with the sole purpose of bringing glory to God through the healing salvation of His beloved children."
"Soul Care comes alongside you for a time to help you to understand your situation, and then point you to God through the Scriptures in a personalized way. Soul Care is intensive and will teach you how to understand your life in God's eyes. It will also give you some tools to help keep you grounded in the power of the gospel through daily living."