As a ministry of Hope Bible Church, the Bookstore does not provide a broad offering of resources but is narrow in its focus providing resources that support the Discipleship Ministries of our church. Books are chosen upon the recommendation of our pastors.

From Bibles, to commentaries, Christian biographies, soul care, family life, spiritual growth, current issues, bible studies and devotionals, these resources are hand selected to ensure that what we put on our shelves is going to be valuable for you and your family.

To encourage our young readers, the Hope Children’s Library is located beside the Bookstore. Books for children ages 0-14+ are available here for you to borrow. Library patrons must have been attending Hope for at least 6 months, and completed ‘Step 1’ in order to receive a library card. 

Our Bookstore is open Sundays after each service. We accept all methods of payment.

Group Leaders in our ministries may request a bulk book order quote by filling out the Group Ministry Resource Request Form

If you are interested in serving in the bookstore or library, check the serving page for updated opportunities.