Compassion Team in Peru Day Four

We started our day bright and early on the bus and started a two-hour ride to a project located in the desert community of ANCON. As we arrived we all had a new sense of energy, as we were warmly welcomed to the Hosanna Student Centre. The staff spoke to us about the amazing works they were doing at this project through the various workshops, giving the children an opportunity to learn and grow in the areas such as Bible teaching, health and hygiene, cooking and baking, and job skills training. 

Along with our visits to a couple classrooms we also had the opportunity to meet with the kitchen staff at this project. It was truly humbling to experience the love and generosity these women had—it was also so incredible to learn that these women do not take a salary for the work they do. They only take home to their families what the church can give.

After our visits we took a short trip to the local beach before we ate lunch. The view was spectacular and something many of us had never gotten to see before. The beauty of God’s creation was the perfect remedy we needed to take a step back and to appreciate what we have been blessed with on this trip. After having a few moments at the beach we went back to the project for a lovely lunch that they had prepared for us. 

We then had the privilege to visit a satellite church just twenty minutes away, where we were honoured to be their first ever guests. The love and thankfulness given to us upon our arrival was incredible. The pastor and staff we’re so excited to speak to us and share what they had been doing with their various programs. After we were introduced and welcomed the children shared a special song with us. The glory of God was so evident during this time as the children sang and praised together. We also visited different classrooms before we got on the bus to go to our various house visits. 

One group had the chance to visit with a family in an area of more critical need. One family we visited was a mother with four children, one of whom God as blessed with a full scholarship to a top University in Lima due to her outstanding grades. Although this family struggles with sickness and lack of basic necessities, they had a mentality to not focus on the pain in their own lives but to pray and think of those who have less then they do. As God tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

After we prayed with the pastor of the church we made our way back to the hotel for a special dinner with some of Compassions Leadership Development students and 4th level teenagers. This was a time of great conversation and also an opportunity to meet our churches sponsor, Saul, who is in his last year of seminary. What a blessing to see the work God has been doing in these students lives. Although our trip is coming to an end we are so grateful for all the Lord has shown us here among the various Compassion projects and sponsor children. Amazing to see His workmanship.

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