DEATH could not HOLD HIM!

...and it doesn't have to hold you either.

This is the power of Easter. This is why the first Easter Sunday was the most important day in the history of the world. This is why this Easter Sunday could be the most important day in your history. This is the HOPE of Easter. Jesus Christ has conquered sin and defeated death. And now Jesus Christ offers to all who believe in Him everlasting life and absolutely no fear in death.

Come join us at Hope Bible Church to hear how Jesus is the answer to having no guilt in life and having no fear in death.


Good Friday services are a sombre time to remember Jesus' death on the cross and the sacrifice He made for us.

March 29, 2024

8:30AM  |  10AM*  |  11:30AM

*ASL Interpreting and Spanish Translation will be at the 10AM service on Good Friday.


Easter Sunday services are a joyous celebration of Jesus' glorious victory over that death!

March 31, 2024

8:30AM |  10:15AM* |  12PM  |  1:45PM

*ASL Interpreting and Spanish Translation will be at the 10:15AM service on Easter Sunday.

Please register for Easter Sunday services

Hope Kids will be available for the first three services on Easter Sunday.

Registering for Hope Kids will guarantee your kids a spot, so please make sure to sign them up.

The Calvary Road

When we are caught up in the chaos of life, Calvary can seem so far away. We can often watch Jesus’ sacrifice from a distance… but not this year. Join us for three consecutive evenings of worship and reflection at 7PM on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week, a powerful pilgrimage along The Calvary Road.

Can't make it to our evenings? You can still join us by praying along the Calvary Road with the prayer guide below.

Easter with Hope 2024 Invitation

Is someone you know in need of hearing the true HOPE of Easter? Send our downloadable Easter invitation their way!

Prayer Room

From Monday to Thursday of Holy Week (March 25-28), our Family Room will remain open from 7AM–6PM as a dedicated prayer room. Please come as often as you'd like during these times to pray in this quiet space. We will have 30-minute Pastor-led prayer sessions at 7AM, 12PM and 5:30PM.

The Calvary Road Spotify Playlist

Listen to our curated Easter playlist as you prepare your heart for this season.

Isaiah 53: Pierced for Our Transgressions

Follow along as we walk through Isaiah 53 and look at the prophecy of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This is another practical way to spiritually prepare for Easter by taking ourselves to the foot of the cross.