Elder Candidate – Lucien Mubumbyi

Mubumbyi Family

Lucien Mubumbyi has met with the Elders regularly for approximately a year. As part of the eldership process, and to ensure he is “above reproach” as a necessary qualification (1 Timothy 3:2), we are putting his name before the church for 30 days. If you have any hesitancies with Lucien moving forward to the role of Elder, please reach out to the Elders through the church office or after a Sunday service.

Please pray for the Lord's guidance in this process and for the Mubumbyi family.

We encourage you to read 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 to understand all the Biblical qualifications of elders.

I was born in Rwanda and raised in a Catholic family. As far back as I can remember, I attended mass on a weekly basis. Although I knew of the Christian God and considered myself a Christian, I had no personal relationship with Jesus, and my life did not match my confession. From a young age, I was fascinated by my grandmother’s love for God and loved listening to her pray. As I grew up, I struggled to live up to the moral teachings I heard from church. On the one hand, I longed for a moral life that pleased God, and on the other hand, I loved my sin and sought to indulge in it. I considered myself a good person since I wasn’t committing what I considered serious sins. For all the years I attended mass, I had never understood the gospel, and my concept of the Christian faith was a set of rules to be obeyed and works to be performed to gain heaven and approval with God. It all seemed like an attainable goal. After surviving the very tragic events of the genocide against the Tutsis in 1994, I became convinced that it was impossible to know God and gave up trying.

During my first year of university in 1998, I met a friend who shared the gospel for the first time with me. It was the first time I heard that Christ came to save sinners and offer them forgiveness for their sins and a personal relationship with him. My friend spoke of Jesus as an intimate friend, and it was obvious to me that she had a peace and a joy that I knew I never had and desperately wanted. I could not understand how anyone could have such hope, especially after what we had lived through. My friend then invited me to attend an evangelical church where I heard the gospel preached, and I understood that I was a sinner and in need of a saviour. God began to open my eyes to the beauty and glory of the gospel, and His grace overflowed in my heart. I began to see that I could never earn salvation and that the only way to be justified before God was through faith in the completed work of Christ on our behalf. The weight of guilt and shame was removed from my heart, and joy flooded in. I believed, I became a new person, Jesus came into my heart, and my life began to take on a new look.

I moved from my home country to Pittsburgh, PA, to continue my education, and I met and married my wife. Davina and I attended a church where we met a wonderful godly couple that began discipling us in God’s Word. Through their example and their love for the Lord, Davina and I began to see tremendous growth in our relationship with the Lord. God placed a love and passion for His Word in my heart that has continued to this day. After some time, we began discipling others and leading small groups in our home. We eventually moved to Canada in 2008 and lived in Ottawa for 6 years, where we continued to serve the Lord in a local church. We then moved to Oakville in the summer of 2014 and began attending Hope Bible Church. We were so impressed by the passionate and uncompromising preaching of God’s Word, and we felt convinced that the Lord was leading us to make Hope our home church. We began attending regularly and could not wait to connect with a small group and continue to grow and pursue Christ with others. We have been part of the same home group for nearly six years and have been part of several discipleship groups. During the last 8 years that we have been part of Hope, the Lord has continued to sharpen in me the love for His Word and His church. Over the last 6 months, I have had the immense privilege of sitting with the elders, observing and learning from them. I was so blessed to witness firsthand their humility and dependence on the Lord and a real commitment to prayer as they seek to shepherd the church of Christ wisely and faithfully. I cannot thank God enough for the blessing of godly leadership. After much prayer and counsel from the elders and others, I have sensed the Lord calling me to serve in the capacity of elder. I am overwhelmed by the grace that the Lord has shown me, first for saving me, then calling me to His service. “Who am I, O Lord?” is a recurring thought in my mind. I take comfort in knowing that the Lord who calls also qualifies those whom He calls. I am well aware of the depth of my need for the grace of God and look to the Holy Spirit as I seek to be obedient and faithfully serve Christ and his Church.