Grades 3-5 Kids Camp Electives

The following electives are what we plan to offer for the following grades 3-5 (born 2009-2011). All electives are offered both AM and PM.  Please take note of which electives your child may be interested in to help speed your registration process. The registration process will require them to select one morning and one afternoon elective for the week. Please check back before registration night to ensure the choices haven’t changed. (Note: There are limited available registration spaces in each elective.)


Grades 3-5 (Born 2009-2011): AM and PM Electives


Sparkle and Slime Come and get your hands messy. Every day we will make a different slime, goo, or ooze. We'll have so much fun as we play with different mediums to make a colourful, glittery, gooey mess.
Chess For All Explore this wonderful game of many possibilities packed in a 64-square board with 32 chess pieces. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of the game, learn new strategies, tactics, thinking patterns, and tricks that will help you enjoy the game of chess. With many fun exercises and games, you will expand your creativity, strategic thinking, and imagination!
Advanced Choir If you love to sing and sing with others, this elective is for you! We will learn a variety of fun songs, warmups, and vocal tips. Choir is: YOUR voice, joining with OTHERS, and WORKING TOGETHER to produce a special, unique, beautiful sound.
Tees n' Beads Are your t-shirts in need of a new splash of colour? Then join us in whipping up playful pony-beaded fringed tees! We’ll have a blast as we “sharpie tie-dye” these same shirts with your own design. This easy craft is sure to be a fun expression of your creative ability! (Shirts Provided)
Mission IMPROVable This elective is fabulous for those imaginative and creative kids who would like to give improv a try. This drama/acting elective is an opportunity to think on the spot, create, imagine, and dream any world you want because there are no scripts and no lines! But be warned, mastering improvisation is much harder than you think! Be prepared to talk, make new friends, and laugh a lot.
Sphero Robotics Funlab Inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding using the Sphero SPRK+ connected robot. Campers will gain some programming skills while they play with the Bluetooth controlled, interactive robots. They will make them roll, bounce, and jump through obstacle courses, race around a track, and create artistic images with their robotic movements. Campers will be tested to think creatively and stretch their mathematical and problem-solving skills as they work to solve daily challenges. Campers need to bring a Bluetooth enabled Apple or Android device preloaded with the SpheroEdu app fully charged every day. The device can be stored in the classroom during the day.

For compatibility, follow this link:

For a glimpse of what these robots can do, follow this link:

Dance to Worship Does your body itch to move and your foot start to tap when you hear music? If so this is for you! Girls and boys alike in this elective will not only learn basic ballet technique and contemporary dance steps to a worship song, they will be encouraged to develop their artistry and expression through dance that is purposeful for the glory of God. At the end of the week they’ll get to perform the choreography they learned in front of other fellow campers.
The Quilting Bee If you like to sew and are interested in learning how to quilt we would love to see you be a part of our Quilting Bee! Learn a little history of quilting and some quilting techniques to make a beautiful quilted creation for you to enjoy for many years to come!
Soccer Welcome onto the pitch! This soccer elective will help develop the basic skills, teamplay, and sportsmanship it takes to thrive in the match. We will spend our week getting better at the basics and scrimmaging in soccer games and activities that incorporate this year's outdoor wilderness theme. Be prepared to run, sweat, make friends, and be challenged!
Basketball Come and learn the basics of basketball. Skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, and don’t worry we will have plenty of game time to prove you’re the next Curry, Lebron, or Lowry!
Flag Football Winning the SuperBowl takes a lot of hard work and practice. Campers in this elective will learn the basics of running, throwing, catching, and calling the plays of football. This one’s a touchdown!
Woodworking Made Easy Learn the basics of woodworking including design, measurement, and use of common tools. Those who wish can experiment with more advanced skills like engraving and finishing techniques. Come away with a custom made project that makes this elective memorable.
Survivor Get ready to face some challenging tasks that involve both brains and brawn... and lots of team cheering! From nasty food challenges to big obstacle courses, get ready for a week that tests your brain, muscles, and taste buds. Will you be able to SURVIVE? (the answer is yes, and you'll have tons of fun doing it!) In this elective your child will learn how to work as a team to effectively succeed in challenges that include: puzzles, team cheers, physical endurance, perseverance, a positive mindset, water games, and possibility chocolate-covered crickets?!
Baseball Open to all skill levels, kids will learn the fundamentals of baseball – catching, throwing, fielding, hitting, and more! They’ll play games and experience what it means to be part of a team. Kids are required to bring their own gloves and everything else will be provided.