Truth in Troubled Times // May 21, 2020

Nancy Guthrie joins Pastor Robbie in this week’s installment of Truth in Troubled Times. Nancy is an author, Bible teacher, and a great friend of our church, particularly our women’s ministry as she taught a few years ago at the Radiant Conference. The Lord has given her much Biblical wisdom – she shares this, a ministry and personal update with us today, as well as a look at her new book! Nancy also shares the top five ways that she’s seeing the Lord work within this pandemic and what it means to have hope right now.

Our hope isn’t in a vaccine, or in better circumstances—hope is taking hold of the person and work of Jesus, that when I die I will be at home with the Lord. Amen!! Watch this week’s video for so much encouragement in our Living Hope.

Her message to believers and the Church now has been changing and growing, but this week she shares a significant passage from Colossians. What does it look like for churches opening? How are we to respond to leadership in churches and government? Here’s a good opportunity for believers to reflect on our willingness to have the Lord work in our lives.