Content for the Heart

In this season, we are working hard to create content and resources for our church. We are intentionally seeking to encourage, educate, and inspire you to draw closer to the Lord.

While COVID-19 has come with much uncertainty, we must cling to our HOPE in Jesus Christ more and more each day. As a church, we are strongly considering this quote by Peter Mead, "Some will look back on lockdown with a deep sense of regret at having missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow closer to God."

Thinking critically about the content we engage with is so important as we make sure we are filling our minds up with things that glorify God and teach us more about His will for us during this time. In light of this, we have created the following four resources.

Summer in the Psalms

God uses all of Scripture to speak to us but the Psalms are uniquely given to us to learn how to speak to God. Dive into the psalms together with one of our pastors leading you through a different Psalm each episode.

Truth in Troubled Times

This series intentionally seeks to encourage the body of Christ with great points of Biblical truth and Holy Spirit-filled wisdom. Hear from some familiar faces during this season we are currently facing.

Live in the Text

Learn to live in the text today with Pastor Robbie as we study Scripture together in a new way. Grab your Bible markers if you have them (coloured pencils work great, too) and open your Bibles with us.

Stories of Hope

This series is dedicated to giving glory to God by showing how He is working in our lives and drawing people to Him. These stories are filled with the HOPE of Jesus Christ! Be encouraged and share with your friends.