Sermon Archive for It's the Thought That Counts

It's the Thought That Counts

Our world loves to tell us what to think, how to think, and who to believe—and the way we think impacts the way we live in a big way. This massive flow of information causes confusion, often especially for the follower of Jesus. This is a time to buckle down and stand on a firm foundation, to be wise, and bring clarity and depth to biblical conviction. 

The Lord has sovereignly given us Psalm 73 to meet this need and provide clarity in confusion. It was written by Asaph, a man who got lost in his own mind and wandered away from the Lord. But the sunshine of God's truth was the perfect antidote to renew his mind and redirect his life. This series, It's the Thought that Counts, walks us through Psalm 73 and shows us the power of a renewed mind that leads to a revived life. Be blessed.


Desperately in Need of Discernment

Robbie Symons | Psalm 73:16–28

Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Robbie Symons | Psalm 73:1–15