Sermon Archive for No Turning Back - 10 Essential Life Lessons From Jesus for the Last Days

No Turning Back - 10 Essential Life Lessons From Jesus for the Last Days

The Church is being sifted. In Luke 9:62, Jesus says, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Jesus calls for resolve in our faithfulness to Him. Beyond "sounding" faithful, or "appearing" spiritual, Jesus cares about the way we live our whole life. He wants us to finish committed to the Lord's will...

In a world filled with injustice, temptation, exploitation, and ruin, we can get swept up into living for ourselves and the world. When this happens, we begin "looking back" instead of living with an eternal perspective. You may wonder, "How does a faithful-to-the-end follower live?" or "What does following Jesus really mean?"

No Turning Back explores 10 essential life lessons for the last days. You will learn the attributes of Christ-followers and what the Bible says about living faithfully right now. Using Jesus' teachings, this series also reveals who will finish and who will falter. 

Are you ready? Are you prepared in attitude and character for what is required in the last days? 

Let's find out.


No Turning Back: Trusting in True Treasure

Robbie Symons | Luke 12:32-34

No Turning Back: The Cost Must Be Counted

Robbie Symons | Luke 14:25-33

No Turning Back: The Profundity of Prayer

Robbie Symons | Luke 11:1-13

No Turning Back: The Leadership of Love

Craig Turnbull | Luke 6:27-36

No Turning Back: Be Ready For His Return!

Robbie Symons | Luke 12:35-40

No Turning Back: The Path of True Greatness

Robbie Symons | Matthew 20:20-28

No Turning Back: The Call For Character

Robbie Symons | Luke 6:20-26