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The Book of Acts

The book of Acts recalls the sending of the third person of the trinity - the Holy Spirit - given, granted to every born again believer in order to glorify Christ. It is in that moment that the church was set aflame. Through this series we will attempt to recognize the MAGNITUDE of what happened - the forever-reverberating impact of the provision of what God promised. 

This moment set in motion the greatest institution in the history of the universe, the Church of Jesus Christ. It requires still today immense amounts of strength, perseverance, and encouragement in the face of trial and persecution. The Church has seen MILLIONS of lives changed - which is the continuing confirmation of an unstoppable movement of God throughout the course of history.

Our greatest mission of a believer is this - to be witnesses and ambassadors of the Lord before he returns. He’s coming back, we don’t know when - but we’ve got to GET AFTER IT! Get excited church, over the next number of months we are going to blaze through the themes of power, perseverance, and witness in the book of Acts. 


Supernatural Vision

Robbie Symons | Acts 10:1-48

Supernatural Healing

Karl Whittingstall | Acts 9:32–35

Supernatural Conversion

Robbie Symons | Acts 9:1-19

Supernatural Guidance

Robbie Symons | Acts 8:26-40

Salvation and Sorcery

Robbie Symons | Acts 8:1-25

Get Your Priorities Straight!

Robbie Symons | Acts 6:1-7

The Futility of Opposing God

Robbie Symons | Acts 5:17-42

Don’t Take Sin Lightly

Robbie Symons | Acts 5:1-16

An Outpouring of Great Grace

Nathan Penny | Acts 4:32-37

The Praying Church

Robbie Symons | Acts 4:23–31

Can’t Rock the Cornerstone!

Robbie Symons | Acts 4:1-22

The Author of Life!

Robbie Symons | Acts 3:11-26

No Other Name

Earl Marshall | Acts 3:1-10

The Blessed Church

Robbie Symons | Acts 2:42–47

3000 Souls Are Saved!

Robbie Symons | Acts 2:22-41

Power Preaching Begins

Robbie Symons | Acts 2:14-21

Pentecost Power

Robbie Symons | Acts 2:1-13

Devotion and Devastation

Robbie Symons | Acts 1:12-26

His Power, My Purpose, Our Plan!

Robbie Symons | Acts 1:1-11