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Robyn Kurvits

Robyn works at Youth For Christ Canada (YFC), a Canadian youth ministry organization with the mission to see “every young person living fully in Christ”. YFC provides contextualized youth-programming across the nation, delivering personalized programs to suit the needs of the youth of that specific area.
Programs include:
• Drop-in centres
• Young parent programs
• Sports-related programs
• Mentoring
• Employment training
• Homeless youth
• Homework help
• Camp programs
• School programs
• Art programs, and
• Meal programs

In 2018, 203,786 Canadian youth were reached through YFC ministry programs. Robyn is on the YFC National Team working as the Executive Assistant to the National Director. Her role is to support the National Director and YFC Leadership team by assisting with internal and external communications, administration, and project management.

Prior to joining the YFC Canada National Team, Robyn was working as a kinesiologist. However, she felt that God was calling her to use her passion for helping others in a different way. Robyn has always felt a pull towards ministering to local youth as they go through one of the most difficult stages in their lives, and is excited to be a part of the YFC Canada team, sharing the hope of the gospel within her local context.

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