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Compassion Update

In southern Peru, there’s a town surrounded by mountains called Sicuani. The people who live there have faced hardships over…

M Family Update

The M Family

“1.51 billion people, speaking 6661 languages,do not have a full Bible in their first language.”2021 Scripture Access Statistics from Wycliffe…

Church Update


There has been an initiative among faithful, Bible-believing churches in Canada to stand in unity and read a statement regarding…

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Learn Together

January 2022 is just around the corner, and it’s my joy to share something exciting coming to our church for…

The Church

The Church

We often say that Jesus changed everything, but have you stopped to consider all that He’s done through His Church…

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Hope Oakville Elders

Who Are our Church Leaders?

Who are the leaders of the Church? Pastor Robbie answered that question in last week’s message. Here’s a photo of…

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