Heart Resurgence

It’s been a tremendous blessing to be involved in Heart Resurgence over the last number of years. One thing I’ve witnessed over and over again is that true biblical community is about change. It takes getting involved in each other’s lives, and Heart Resurgence does just that. It creates an environment of honest discussion about our challenges, and it’s given many an understanding that they are not alone in their struggle.

This class begins and ends with God’s story of redemption in our lives!

I’ve seen many people experience the transforming power of the gospel when God has granted salvation, put feet and marriages back on solid ground, and encouraged many to begin to walk in obedience. He has delivered men and women from habitual sins like anger, control, lust, and so many other forms of idol worship. I’ve watched God give great clarity when people enter seasons of life that just don’t make sense. This class begins and ends with God’s story of redemption in our lives!

Heart Resurgence is a wonderful 8-week gospel study of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are weekly—if not daily—confronted with the harshness of life as a result of sin and living in a fallen world. No one is immune to suffering. Thankfully we serve a God who abounds in steadfast love, and just as He did with the Israelites, He will use all of these experiences to transform us into His image.

Register below to join me for this class beginning April 20. I look forward to seeing how God will change us both as we study His word together.

– Ken Hisey